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Janet Whyatt
Janet Lomas

Janetís first involvement with Riverside was as a member of the audience in 1993.  After three years watching the group perform she plucked up courage to go along to a meeting with the intention of making costumes (a skill which has proved most valuable in many of our productions).  Janet has appeared in many of our plays since then, having got the acting bug! 


Midsummer Threesome (Whodidit?) - Mary Darling/Shutters
Much Ado About Nothing - Sexton
Twelfth Night - Curio/1st Officer/Servant
Once A Catholic - Mother Francis Xavier
Sublime & Ridiculous! - Various characters (in Fry & Laurie sketches)
A Bolt From the Blue - Sarah Appleby
Parenting (& other disasters)
- Jen, Enid
Camp Confidence - Donna White
Last Tango in Little Grimley - Margaret
The Safari Party - Inga
FlatSpin - Edna Stricken
Dead Guilty - Director
Temptation Sordid or Virtue Rewarded - Lady Lucre
The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen's Guild Dramatic Society Murder Mystery - Thelma
Secondary Cause of Death - Lily Tuthill
Comic Potential - Carla Pepperbloom
Growing Pains - Miss Jameson
Noises Off - Belinda/Flavia
Ghost Writer - Glenda
Table Manners
The Creature Creeps! 
Laugh!  I Nearly Went to Miami!
There goes the Bride!
Out of Focus


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