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The Murder Room

A Comedy by Jack Sharkey

On-stage at The Duchess Theatre, West Gate, Long Eaton
Thursday 2nd to Saturday 4th May 2002


It's a funny thing, murder.

When Mavis Templeton-Hollister decides to kill her husband, the results are both suspenseful and hilarious. After having to resort to more drastic measures than originally planned, Mavis must then contend with a runaway cat, a snoopy housekeeper, the unexpected arrival of her stepdaughter, and a policeman who seems more than a little familiar. The action soon spirals into a farce of hidden identities, slamming doors, and people falling down stairs, and an outrageous lights-out chase scene.

Fast-paced, witty, and slightly naughty, The Murder Room will have you alternately on the edge of your seat and rolling on the floor with laughter. Please do not reveal the secret ending to your friends; they wouldn't believe you anyway.

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Rob Osmond Edgar Hollister
Rob Osmond
Donna Chinn Mavis Templeton-Hollister
Donna Chinn
Liz O'Hara Susan Hollister
Liz O'Hara 
John Lomas Barry Draper
John Lomas
Moya Magee Lottie Molloy
Moya Magee
Brian Hooker Inspector James Crandall
Brian Hooker
Don Brooms Constable Abel Howard
Don Brooms
Martin Holtom Director
Martin Holtom

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