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Lord Arthur Savile's Crime

An Improbable Comedy by Constance Cox 
based on a short story by Oscar Wilde

On-stage at The Duchess Theatre, West Gate, Long Eaton
Thursday 10th to Saturday 12th April 2003

Riverside Drama Company will be staging their next production, Constance Cox’s adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s ‘Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime’ at Long Eaton’s Duchess Theatre on Thursday April 10 to Saturday April 12.  Set in the 1890s, this ‘improbable comedy’ is directed by Pat Tuffin, assisted by Liz O’Hara.

Lord Arthur Savile (Paul Norris) is engaged to be married to the lovely Sybil Merton (Donna Chinn). Everything seems to be perfect until Mr Podgers (Rob Osmond), a chiromantist or palm reader, acting on behalf of Sybil’s mother Lady Julia (Emjay Saddler) reads Arthur’s palm, in order to check his character for any past misdemeanours.  Podgers finds an unblemished past but foretells that Lord Arthur will at some point commit a murder.

Arthur feels duty-bound to get the dirty deed over and done with before the marriage and sets about choosing his victim, and their method of disposal. He receives both help and hindrance from his butler, Baines (Martin Holtom), and the German anarchist Winkelkopf (Brian Hooker).

Are any of Arthur’s relations, such as his great-aunt Lady Clementina (Pat Clarke), his uncle the Dean of Paddington (Bob Baron), or his aunt Lady Windermere (Maggie Millington) safe, and will Lord Arthur ever be free to marry Sybil?

The cast is completed by Jo East, as Nellie the Maid.

Read the original short story at Project Gutenberg

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Paul Norris Lord Arthur Savile
Paul Norris
Martin Holtom Baines, the butler
Martin Holtom
Donna Chinn Sybil Merton
Donna Chinn
Rob Osmond Mr Podgers
Rob Osmond
Maggie Millington Lady Windermere
Maggie Millington
Bob Baron The Dean of Paddington
Bob Baron
Pat Clarke Lady Clementina Beauchamp
Pat Clarke
Brian Hooker Herr Winkelkopf
Brian Hooker
Emjay Sadler Lady Julia Merton
Emjay Sadler
Jo East Nellie, the maid
Jo East
 Pat Tuffin Director
Pat Tuffin
Liz O'Hara  Assistant Director
Liz O'Hara 

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