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Elsie & Norm's Macbeth

a comedy by John Christopher-Wood

On-stage at the Devonshire Studio, Chatsworth Centre, West Gate, Long Eaton
Thursday 10th July - Saturday 12th July 2008


Elsie and Norm fed up with playing Trivial Pursuits and watching Countdown, have decided to have a bash at a bit of culture by staging a production of Macbeth in their living room. After a spot of judicious re-writing Elsie and Norm set out to act 'one of the greatest pieces of literature what has ever been wrote in the English language!' Playing all the characters between them, the hilarious results are guaranteed to set Shakespeare spinning in his grave!

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Liz Turner Elsie
Liz Turner
Martin Holtom  Norm
Martin Holtom
Liz O'Hara  Director
Liz O'Hara

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