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The Droitwich Discovery

a one-act comedy by Nick Warburton

Four thespian enthusiasts find themselves in a dusty attic in Droitwich, an unlikely place for a Shakespearean tour.  Their guide, Mrs Craddock, explains that the Bard, aged ten, lived there when he came to Droitwich to work mending drainpipes.  George believes they are being had, but how is it that there are boxes piled BEHIND the closed attic door?  Where is that other voice coming from, and is that a casket I see before me?


Martin Holtom Terry
Martin Holtom
Bob Baron George
Bob Baron
Sylvia Holmes Karen
Sylvia Holmes
Amy Hall Olive
Amy Hall
Donna Chinn Dilly
Donna Chinn
Maggie Millington Mrs Craddock
Maggie Millington
Paul Norris Director
Paul Norris

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