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Comic Potential

by Alan Ayckbourn

On-stage at the Duchess Theatre, Long Eaton from  
Thursday 28th to Saturday 30th November 2002

The play is set in a TV studio in the near future, where a director (a once-famous alcoholic has-been), and his female assistants (who are also a couple) are making a daytime soap opera of the usual appalling sort. The difference is that they are using actoids - robots programmed to act - and there are no scriptwriters.

Into this situation comes the idealistic Adam, nephew of the millionaire station owner, who wants to write comedy of the quality that Chaplin and Keaton once embodied. Suddenly custard pies, comedy trips and double takes are back on the slapstick comedy menu!

But when Adam falls in love with Jacie Triplethree (JC333), one of the actoids on the show, everything is turned upside down - as Jacie grows more human and the line between actoid and human narrows.

Things really explode when the pair run off together to face the outside world - and the obvious problems it will bring them as a couple! 

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John Lomas Adam Trainsmith
John Lomas
Liz O'Hara Jacie Triplethree
Liz O'Hara
Pat Tuffin Chandler Tate
Pat Tuffin
Keith Coxon Lester Trainsmith
Keith Coxon
Donna Chinn A Prostitute
Donna Chinn
Paul Norris The Son/Hotel Waiter
Paul Norris
Rob Osmond The Doctor/The Farmer 
Rob Osmond
Emjay Sadler Hotel Desk Clerk
Emjay Sadler
Bob Baron Man in Dress Shop/Turkey
Bob Baron
Martin Holtom Marmion
Martin Holtom
Holly Wilcockson Hotel Waiter 2
Holly Wilcockson
Moya Magee Technician 
Moya Magee
Jo East Trudi Floote
Jo East
Pam Chamberlain Prim Spring
Pam Chamberlain
Janet Bradbery Carla Pepperbloom
Janet Bradbery
Liz Turner The Mother/The Farmer's Wife
Liz Turner
Pat Clarke Dress Shop Assistant
Pat Clarke
Rachael Meller Girl in Dress Shop
Rachael Meller
Martin Holtom Director
Martin Holtom
Maggie Millington Assistant Director
Maggie Millington


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