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A Bolt From the Blue

David Tristram

On-stage at the Duchess Theatre, Chatsworth Centre, West Gate, Long Eaton
Thursday 7th  - Saturday 9th April 2011


Edward Jones was just an ordinary man, doing ordinary things - until the day before his fortieth birthday. What happened next was, quite literally, incredible. It defies belief. It defies logic. It defies the fundamental laws of science and nature. But it happened.  And it came like a bolt from the blue...

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Paul Norris Male Narrator
Paul Norris
Donna Chinn  Female Narrator
Donna Chinn
John Lomas Edward Jones
John Lomas
Janet Lomas Sarah Appleby
Janet Lomas
Bob Baron Farmer
Bob Baron
Keith Salway Male paramedic
Keith Salway
Kath Price Female Paramedic
Kath Price
Kath Price Receptionist:
Kath Price
Dan Bates Newsreader 1
Dan Bates
Angela Graham Newsreader 2
Angela Graham
Charlotte Lloyd Nurse
Charlotte Lloyd
Martin Holtom Peter Rogers
Martin Holtom
Martin Holtom Ted Nugent
Martin Holtom
Charlotte Lloyd Mary Jones
Charlotte Lloyd
Angela Graham Female doctor
Angela Graham
Dan Bates Fire Chief
Dan Bates
Dan Bates Martin
Dan Bates
Kath Price DC Jarvis
Kath Price
Keith Salway   DI Thompson
Keith Salway
Jimmy MacDuff Understudy
Jimmy MacDuff
Paul Norris Director
Paul Norris

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