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Growing Pains

a play by Ian Armstrong

Frank and Mary Shaw have a child after twelve years of interesting but unfulfilled marriage. Through their poignant soliloquies, and scenes replayed from Andrew's their son's formative years, it is revealed how he becomes the centre of their separate worlds. Without wanting to leave Mary, it suits Frank to have a long running affair. When Mary finds out she smothers her own hurt so that Andrew remains emotionally secure. At seventeen, Andrew is injured in a motorcycle accident. Has the world has ended for Mary and Frank, or can they can come together and draw strength and comfort from each other?


Paul Norris Frank Shaw
Paul Norris
Liz Turner Mary Shaw
Liz Turner
Bob Baron Smith
Bob Baron
Holly Wilcockson Nurse
Holly Wilcockson
Rachael Meller 1st Doctor
Rachael Meller
Janet Bradbery Miss Jameson
Janet Bradbery
John Lomas Head
John Lomas
Eileen Chamberlain Matron
Eileen Chamberlain
Amy Holden 2nd Doctor
Amy Holden
Pat Tuffin Director
Pat Tuffin

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